Find Your High Quality Soulmate and Enjoy Your Love of a Lifetime!

  • Discover your unconscious drives that impact who you attract and who you choose for your romantic partners so you find the best healthy match

  • Learn how your unmet childhood needs blur your ability to distinguish between a toxic potential partner and a healthy loving one

  • Deepen your understanding of why things haven’t worked out in past relationships so they no longer haunt you

  • Discover your protective aspects so that you no longer keep men at a distance or enmesh with them sabotaging your potential for keeping and enjoying a long-term thriving soulful relationship

  • Learn how to negotiate with your protective aspects so you can allow men and real love close so you can enjoy your soulmate rather than be at your protective aspects mercy as they sabotage the relationship

  • Embody ways to increase access to what you are really feeling so you are more responsive with life and your future partner

  • Access your ‘blind spots’ so they no longer blur your ability to spot red flags with potential partners

  • Learn how to prioritize yourself & never lose yourself to another man again while accessing the power of your inner yin feminine & set healthy boundaries more naturally

  • Learn to attract a high quality soulmate whose values deeply resonate with you and with whom you will feel totally loved by

  • Learn the soulful yin approach to dating to experience real connection and meaningful relationships rather than trauma bonding and enmeshment

The Soulful Relationship Magnet Course:

What you’ll get: 

  • 5 month/20 week program length
  • Weekly Soulfulness Evocation Videos 
  • Online course content and weekly exercises
  • Total of 16 - 90 minute 1:1 Guidance sessions
  • The Emotive Congestion Blueprint (showing you what’s holding you back from finding and living in Love!)
  • Bonus materials
  • Email support in between sessions and lessons
  • Access to a soul and soulmate reading with Stace Barron and Eric Grace after week 14! (An additional $250)

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The Soulful Relationship Magnet Course

    2. Check-in survey!

    3. The Power of a Soulful Relationship with Yourself: A Guide for Lonely Women

    1. Aligning with Deep Love

    2. Deep Love?

    3. Past Loves

    4. Your First Love

    5. Past Hurts

    1. Love and Suffering

    2. Your Emotive Truths

    3. Why We Suffer

    4. The Voice of Your Suffering

    5. Your Protection

    6. The Four Kinds of Your Protection

    7. Check-in about your journey so far

    1. Find Your Gold Inside

    2. Once Upon a Time...

    3. What You Learned About Love

    4. Your Emotive Themes

    5. Connecting with Your Subpersonas

    6. Welcoming the Responses!

    7. Subpersona Interview Questions

    8. Going Deeper...

    9. Other Ways to Connect with Your Parts!

    1. Why the Yin Dating Approach Works!

    2. When are you ready?

    3. Ways to Be the Love You are!

    4. Trusting the Process

    5. Navigating the Dance of Dating

    6. Ways of Relating in Intimacy

    7. Finding and Feeling 'He's the One!'

    1. The 3 Stages of Romance

    2. When Things Get Difficult...

    3. Getting Support to Hold You Both Well

    4. Your Relationship Needs Analysis

About this course

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  • 47 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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Meet Eric Grace

Your Guide for The Soulful Relationship Magnet Course

Eric Grace

Eric Grace has worked with successful & spiritual women for over two decades. He has a passion for helping women unearth their soulfulness to discover and enjoy a truly nourishing romantic relationship! Eric's gentle and incisive approach is very effective in helping women find and enjoy their love of a lifetime. He has also founded two successful companies, hosts a popular biweekly transformational call series, and has been working with clients of all kinds for twenty years. Eric also helped pioneer a new system for emotive health and soulful relationships.

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